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T3 High-Tech PR Conference in NYC

The T3 High-Tech PR Conference will be held in New York on June 19.  It’s an event being organized by the PRSA Technology Section and the PRSA New York Chapter.  They did one of these about 18 months ago and it was well-attended and very informative.

I’m speaking on a panel called “Blogs, Vlogs & iPods: Best practices for implementing and leveraging social media in PR campaigns” along with Tony Sapienza of Topaz Partners.  Other participants include Richard Laermer of the Bad Pitch Blog, Constantin Basturea of Converseon, Steve Rubel of Edelman, Chris Brogan of PodCamp, and Greg Jarboe of SEO-PR and

The all day event will include discussion of viral video, blogs, podcasts, social media, pitching high-tech publications, search engine optimization, RSS, virtual worlds like Second Life, and the future of PR and technology.  It promises to be another valuable event.

You can find registration information here.  I encourage you to attend.

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