Chip Griffin transforms business and communications through digital innovation.

Chip Griffin is a serial entrepreneur focused at the intersection of communications and technology. He currently serves as COO of CARMA, a global media intelligence company delivering insights to multinational companies, leading nonprofits, and government agencies.

In his fifth-grade classroom, Chip was shown a TRS-80 computer hooked up to a TV and told that if he could figure out how to use it then he could use it. Ever since that day in 1983, he has had an intense curiosity about technology and how it can improve daily life.

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Chip Griffin connects with audiences large and small by combining
unique insights, practical advice, and a healthy dose of humor.

He's a maven, an expert, and all-around big thinker. And he's quick, efficient and a VERY GOOD writer and presenter.

Don Bates

PR Agency M&A Consultant

His expert analysis was perhaps rivaled only by his accessible and engaging delivery.

Menachem Wecker


Chip is ... an innovative thinker, tireless worker and first class professional.

Robert Blatz

Former Board Chair,

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