We make agencies better — together.

I have been in your chair as an agency owner. I know the excitement of the opportunities and the frustration of the challenges.

When I work with agency owners, I share the wisdom of my successes and the lessons of my failures.

Need a sounding board or a second opinion? Give me a call.

Have a problem you’re trying to solve and want a set of experienced eyes on it? Tell me about it.

Looking to properly plan for your agency’s future? I have a framework to help make it easier.

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He's a maven, an expert, and all-around big thinker. And he's quick, efficient and a VERY GOOD writer and presenter.

Don Bates

PR Agency M&A Consultant

His expert analysis was perhaps rivaled only by his accessible and engaging delivery.

Menachem Wecker


Chip is ... an innovative thinker, tireless worker and first class professional.

Robert Blatz

Former Board Chair, Townhall.com

Perspective & Insights

The launch of Agency Leadership Advisors

For more than twenty years, I have had the privilege of working with a lot of very talented agency owners and executives. These are individuals...

Closing a chapter…

A little over 3 years ago, I sold CustomScoop to CARMA. That closed a 15-year chapter that began in 2000 when I co-founded one...

Are you selling the same tomatoes as everyone else?

I went to the local farmer's market this morning, and just about every stall was selling piles and piles of tomatoes. Now, I wasn't all...

Are you a domain hoarder?

I constantly receive emails from GoDaddy. Part of that is because they are one of the most persistent emailers of all time, but part...