All Blog Posts are Not Created Equal

Over the course of the past year, my schedule has been such that I have not been able to consume social media in the same regular, obsessive way that I used to. I have become, I suspect, more like a typical information consumer, if such a thing exists. I sample information from my favorite traditional and social media web sites as time permits. Some days I may be able to devote a couple of hours, while at other times I may go a couple of days without going beyond a handful of core information sources.

Unfortunately, most blogs are not set up well to handle samplers like the “new me.” The standard blog design calls for a timeline-style layout where posts are featured chronologically, without the benefit of editorial recommendation or discretion.

Wired Mag’s iPad App Nearly Matches Newsstand Sales

In just nine days, Wired magazine’s iPad app sales have nearly equaled their typical monthly newsstand sales, Crain’s New York Business reports. Early buzz — and likely many curiosity seekers — drove more than 73,000 downloads at $4.99 each. That compares to Conde Nast’s official media kit information that shows December 2009 ABC numbers at 82,357 for individual copies.