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Blogs I Read: Feld Thoughts by Brad Feld

The latest in blog in this continuing series of posts is Feld Thoughts by entrepreneur/venture capitalist/angel investor/runner/reader Brad Feld.  I include all of those descriptors because that’s what you can expect to see from his blog.  The emphasis is on technology innovation and entrepreneurship, but he includes enough of the other topics to make it more personal.

The running part doesn’t resonate with me that much (I have jogged off and on over the years but have no ambition to run marathons!).  But the rest of the content is very good.  You will see a lot of things you don’t find in other places. 

But perhaps what I like best is Brad’s willingness to share frank information about the VC industry.  As a former entrepreneur (aside: can you really be a former entrepreneur?  I tend to think that it’s something you can’t get out of your blood), he’s the type of VC that I have a lot of respect for.  He understands business and what entrepreneurs are going through and provides that perspective on his blog (and I’m sure in his investing/portfolio work as well).  The series of posts he offers on key topics of interest — like the one on Term Sheets — provides great insight.

Just recently, he joined with colleague Jason Mendelson to create a new blog called Ask the VC that extends that education process even more.  That went straight into my RSS reader the day it launched and it offers similarly outstanding material.

Oh yeah, Brad’s a 24 nut, too. 

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  1. Chip – thanks for the nice call out. If you are ever in Boulder, give a shout. Also – I’ve recently immersed myself in Lost, which is yet another bad TV habit.

  2. Will do, Brad. Haven’t been to Boulder in 20 years but I enjoyed the week I spent there back then. Hopefully I’ll make it there again. As for Lost, we’ll have to differ on that one — my wife loves it, but I just can’t get into SciFi stuff (weird for a geek, I know).

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