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Blogs I Read: by Chris Garrett

Since I’m a bit behind on this series of posts, forgive me for a second “Blogs I Read” entry today. 

A relatively new voice (to me) in my RSS reader is Chris Garrett. I honestly don’t recall where I first read about his blog, but I’m appreciative to whomever pointed me in that direction.  Chris writes well-considered posts related to the business of blogging.  Today, for example, he encouraged readers not to use lack of time as an excuse for not blogging.  As he points out, it doesn’t take that much time to write a simple post a day. 

Oddly, I didn’t realize he was a Canadian living in the UK until I wrote this post and decided to read his “About” page.  But perhaps that proves the point of Tom Friedman (“The World is Flat”) and Shel Israel (“Global Neighbourhoods”) that geographic barriers mean less and less.  I believe that is especially true in the blogosphere — or at least the English language blogosphere.  (I believe it was Robert Scoble who pointed out recently that we in the English speaking world are missing out on lots of good stuff from other countries because nobody has come up with a good system of learning across languages online — automated translation simply doesn’t work.)

In any event, I encourage you to check out Chris’ blog to learn more about how blogging can help you and your business and how to improve what you’re already doing (or at least thinking about).

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