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The Blog Expectations Game

What do you expect from a blog?  Fred Wilson points out what I have been thinking myself the past few days: Marc Andreesen is doing a great job with his new blog — but he’s setting the bar very high for himself.  Nearly every day he has a relevant, provocative, and informative post.  And they aren’t short, quick observations, but well-thought out missives.

Similarly, Steve Rubel used to post multiple times a day, often short quick notes with a link to other content.  In some ways, he acted as what Chris Brogan and others have called a “curator” (a role played most prominently by Robert Scoble on his link blog/shared Google Reader links).  But Steve now says he’s going to try to focus on longer, more thoughtful posts more in the Marc Andreesen style.  In Steve’s words: “less quantity more quality in the way of op-eds rather than shorter linky posts.”

All of this raises the question of what people expect from a blog.  My philosophy is that as long as you maintain some consistency and don’t change it up all the time, your audience will respect that.  Marc has done a nice job of coming out of the gate strong and that has, I’m sure, built him up a very solid audience.  Unless he feels he can keep the pace up, though, I would think he would be wise to space his posts out a little more. 

On the other hand, I can make a good case for the argument that bloggers should post what they have to say when they have something to say.  It is the philosophy I tend to follow — if I can say something quickly and link away, I will.  If I have something longer and more thoughtful, I’ll share that.  In my own way that’s the consistency I offer: variety.  If it isn’t your cup of tea, move on — there’s lots of voices out there.  If it is, why not subscribe by RSS or email?  (top right of this page, unless you are already a subscriber!)

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  1. If you consider blogs as variable as the written word, you understand that this can’t apply to all blogs. That aside, here’s what *I* expect from blogs that *I* like to read:
    Information I can use, with a chunk of personal in there. I’ll take it without personal, but then that feels more like news. I like learning from people’s rolling biographies.
    But then again, that’s saying, “I like how I write a blog.” So if I think about the blogs I read most of the time, I’ll say that they usually give me useful things or point me towards information I can use.
    Great question, Chip!

  2. Good points, Chris. I agree that I like a smattering of personal so that I feel like it is more of a relationship than a typical news site. I’m not sure I do enough of that myself, of course.
    But ultimately it is all about the information. Is it useful to me and is it in the right volume. Some blogs deliver too little and some deliver too much (or more accurately the nuggets are too few for the volume published — at least for my own interests).

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