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Starting a Company in a Down Economy

jesse-devitte.jpgJesse Devitte of Borealis Ventures discusses how the current economic environment provides both challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. Jesse himself is an entrepreneur turned investor with experience in times of boom and bust

In this conversation, you will learn:

  • What the challenges are of starting a company or investing in startups during tough economic times.
  • How a slow economy creates opportunities and facilitates the growth of companies with stronger long-term prospects.
  • Which sectors Jesse sees as particularly strong or weak at the moment.
  • How Borealis Ventures finds investments — and how they manage their investments differently from many venture capital firms.
  • What differences exist between young and “mid-career” entrepreneurs.
  • How Jesse and the University of New Hampshire have teamed up with the New York Times and others to help foster a new generation of entrepreneurs.
  • Whether non-traditional high-tech environments (like Northern New England) provide opportunities or challenges (or both) for startups.
  • Where a massive conference room table came from at one of Jesse’s early companies.
  • What the key advice is that Jesse would give to anyone thinking of starting a high-tech company today.

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