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College Aid in Troubled Times

Christopher Penn of the Financial Aid Podcast discusses how the current economic environment impacts student options when paying for college. He shares tips and advice on how to minimize costs and maximize aid.

In this conversation, you will learn:

  • How the cost of a college education impacts its value.
  • What options exist for students seeking to pay for their college education.
  • What sorts of niche scholarships may be available — including ones suitable for fans of late-night television or who possess certain physical characteristics.
  • Where to get started to find financial aid options.
  • How the federal government may help — or hurt — efforts to make college aid more accessible.
  • What impact the Obama Administration may have in coming months.
  • Which federal aid programs are most accessible.
  • What leading economic indicators tell us about the state of the economy — and what it means for 2009.
  • How the economy is impacting state schools and community colleges.

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