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If You Own an iPod, You Probably Listen to Less Radio

Podcasting News points to a new Abritron report that covers the portable media space:

While Arbitron’s analysis paints a fairly rosy picture of the state of radio, their stats confirm several industry trends that may cause concern for traditional radio broadcasters:

  • More and more people are getting portable media players. The percent of Americans that have portable media players grew from 22% to 30% in the last year.
  • Many portable media player owners listen to less radio. Arbitron reports that about a third of those that own iPods or other portable media players listen to less radio as a result.
  • Podcasting is one of the few audio platforms seeing significant growth. Awareness of podcasting has lept ahead of HD radio, and its audience is catching up with Internet radio’s audience.
  • The audience that traditional media is losing to Internet media tends to be young and affluent.

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  1. I am resisting the iPhone because I had AT&T Wireless for a while and HATED the intermittent reception. I couldn’t even make or receive a cell phone call in my own home! With my Blackberry on Verizon, I can even get phone calls and access the Web underground on the Metro.

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