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Live Blogging Kicked Up a Notch with Video

Speaking of Shel Holtz, he has a great post about the next step in the live blogging revolution: live video.  This has been a topic of conversation in tech blogs this week because of the Web 2.0 expo.  I’ll let Shel explain:

Over at PodTech Robert Scoble and Jeremiah Owyang took UStream for a spin at the recent Web 2.0 conference, using the live streaming capability to broadcast panel discussions and other activities. (Jeremiah wrote about it here.)

I can’t recall where I saw it but there’s a great if ridiculous photo of Scoble sitting next to Chris Pirillo while Chris is typing and Scoble is wearing a head-cam.  And did I mention they were on a panel at that time?  Only at a tech conference…

Though I managed to be enmeshed in the recent live blogging controversy, I suspect that I’ll be able to remain on the sidelines of this discussion as I’m not sure I’m likely to become a videographer.  (Shel #1, Shel Israel, has an interesting post on the subject, especially since he was at ground zero of the debate.) 

I guess I’ll just have to stick to annoying panelists and fellow attendees with keyboard clatter.

UPDATE: Jeremiah reminds me in the comments that I saw the photo on his blog.  It was from David Parmet.

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