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Mark Cuban’s Answer to Google/YouTube for Content Providers

Mark Cuban is nothing if not innovative and controversial.  Today, he addresses the issue of lots of Oscars footage being placed online by consumers.  His answer?

To capture Youtube viewers, the first step would be to OVERWHELM Youtube with partial clips of full length that tease Youtube users and point them to For this Will Ferrell clip, I would have created a video that showed the first 10 secs of the clip, then had 4 minutes of a billboard that said ” Great videos from the Oscars telecast and exclusive behind the scenes videos are all available at”

IN addition to the billboard in the video you would have an active link to on the Youtube video page. I wouldn’t post this video 1 time. I would post this video 100 times.

He acknowledges this will cause a stir among some but argues that ultimately the audience will adapt.  His answer certainly seems to have some appeal — as he describes it, paying kids $20 an hour to load this video into YouTube or Google certainly beats paying the lawyers $1000 an hour to send takedown notices.

I don’t know whether it would work, but it would be fun to watch someone try!

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