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NewCommForum Wrap-Up

The New Communications Forum was a tremendous conference.  It may rival DEMO for me as one of the best of the year simply because of the high concentration of smart people.  And, oh yeah, the speakers and panels weren’t bad either.  As always, some were better than others, but a very solid lineup overall.

The Podcasting 101 seminar was probably the content highlight for me personally since I have just begun my Disruptive Dialogue podcast.  I picked up a bunch of tips, tricks, and techniques I can put to use starting with next week’s edition.  In speaking with other participants in that seminar, the feeling seems universal that it was very high quality.

One of the best parts of the conference overall though was the large number of PR/marketing bloggers and podcasters.  It’s good to see people who you converse with through blogs by linking and commenting.  I’ve had a chance to catch up with a number of them (in no particular order):

  • Shel Israel – very entertaining.  You can always count on him to say something provocative.
  • Josh Hallett – the man with the camera.  He seemed to be everywhere.
  • Shel Holtz – good to finally meet one of the two co-hosts of the For Immediate Release podcast that CustomScoop sponsors.  I look forward to seeing him again and eventually meeting Neville.
  • Chris Heuer – a fellow American University alum.  Was good to catch up with him and talk about how much the school has changed since we were there. 
  • John Cass – he’s just an hour or so from our offices in Concord, NH so hopefully we’ll find more opportunities to meet in person
  • Tom Foremski – sat next to him at lunch and had some good conversation.  Very thoughtful guy.
  • David Parmet – a Yankees fan, but still a good guy so I won’t hold it against him.  At least not too much.
  • Adam Zand – smart and he likes to stir the pot with his questions.  He and his colleagues at Topaz Partners are podcasting and since they are also an hour’s drive from our offices, hopefully will see more of him and his colleagues.
  • Giovanni Rodriguez – great to put a face to the name since I read him pretty religiously and link to him regularly as well. 
  • Susan Getgood – sorry we only had a chance to say a quick hello, Susan.  I’m sure we’ll bump into each other at a future event, though, and can talk more.
  • Joe Thornley – so I sat 3 feet from Joe but only got to talk to him through email.  Next time.
  • Brian Oberkirch – really bright guy with interesting things to say.  And a wiseguy too, which those who know me will appreciate.

Probably a foolish idea to list all these bloggers I talked to since I’m sure I’ve forgotten a couple.  Now I understand how it feels to be up on stage at the Oscars.  OK, well maybe not quite…

Also a special thanks to Jen McClure for organizing the event.  It was great.  I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet her, but I hope to be more involved with the Society for New Communications Research down the road and I’m sure will meet her at some point.

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