Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

Doug Haslam, Online TV Star

Doug Haslam of Topaz Partners was kind enough to grant an interview to Sarah Wurrey of CustomScoop’s Media Bullseye during the recent SNCR symposium in Boston.  Doug talked about his firm’s work with Scuderi Group to promote an innovative new air hybrid engine.

Not only does it make good content, but it’s also letting me perfect my video production skills.  Each one I produce seems to improve, even though I still have a long way to go.

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  1. Hi Chip/Sarah,
    Good interview. Some constructive feedback, from a fellow video experimenter… lighting could be better, even if you have a camera-mounted light or just chose a darker background, or a better-lit area. Also if you have a directional microphone that might cut out some of the background noise (although I can talk, some of the sound on my stuff is awful)
    Hope this helps

  2. Thanks, Simon. You are right on both counts. This was only the second or third video interview that Sarah has ever done and I tried to keep things simple for her first time (which unfortunately means she got the less sophisticated of my two video cameras with a bad mic).
    Since a bunch of people were nice enough to grant interviews, I am cleaning them up as much as I can so we can still use them.

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