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Rackspace Goes the Extra Mile — Actually 2,086 of Them — For Customer Service

I started using Rackspace back in 2000.  At the time, they were basically a startup managed hosting company.  Today, they are an industry leader.  Over the years, virtually every company I have been involved with as a founder, investor or consultant has used them.

Throughout that time, they have always gone the extra mile for customer service.  But they impressed me — and I know the tech team at CustomScoop — when they came for an on-site visit.  That’s 2,086 miles from San Antonio, TX to Concord, NH. 

Now, I know that they were in the area for other meetings.  And I realize we’re a decent-sized customer, though I doubt anywhere near their largest.  The fact that they sent two people for several hours was a great gesture that I know was appreciated.

One of the members of the CustomScoop tech team, Ian Muir, blogged about the experience and the importance of connecting with customers generally:

Most companies may send an occasional e-mail or make a monthly phone call, but there are a few that really go the extra mile. This meeting is just one example of how Rackspace has exemplified good customer service. We’re always working with the same team and their support is always prompt and helpful. They also take measures like these meetings to stay connected and make sure that our needs are met proactively.

I don’t mean for this post to sound like an ad for Rackspace, but if it does, so be it.  They’ve been great to us over the years, and I wanted to take this opportunity to offer them a tip of my cowboy hat to them.  (The hat, after all, was a gift during a Rackspace customer appreciation event I attended in San Antonio years ago.)

I can only hope that our customers feel as strongly about us as I do about Rackspace.

NON-DISCLOSURE: I don’t get compensated by Rackspace in any way.  In fact, my companies pay them a tidy sum of money each month. 

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