Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

You Can Convince Yourself of Anything

Overheard while sitting in Union Station in Washington, DC this morning:

"If someone says not to use money they give me for booze, I don’t do
it. I put it in a separate place and only use it for good things.
That’s just the kind of guy I am. I’m an honest bum and honest thief.
If you leave $20 on the table, I’m going to tell you. Some guys would
just take it for themselves. Not me. I’m not going to hurt a guy trying
to make an honest living. I only steal from companies … Safeway,
Giant, CVS … I take them big. I hit them hard. I take thousands of
dollars from companies, but never individuals. I’m just an honest guy."

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  1. This is why all of my charitable giving goes direct to organizations. You can never tell if giving money to a street person is helping someone down on their luck or enabling an addict or a psychopath.

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