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StartRocket Delayed; Cork & Knife Launches

Slight change of plans in the order of launches in the properties in the new media company I’m starting.  StartRocket, the site focused on web entrepreneurship East of the Rockies, had been slated to begin producing content this week.  However, I have opted to delay for a few weeks to address some logistical/infrastructure issues, as well as to try to line up additional contributors before going public.

While those things are getting sorted out, I decided to release the new media site that I had slotted to launch second, Cork & Knife.  This site is focused on the people that make a difference in your professional or amateur fine dining experience.  Chefs, sommeliers, bartenders, servers, authors, purveyors, winemakers, and even the food media will be profiled to help foodies and gourmets learn more about the philosophies and personalities that impact the food and wine.

So, check out Cork & Knife and let me know if you are interested in becoming a contributor to that site or especially to StartRocket

I’ll keep you updated in this space on developments on both fronts.

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  1. Hey Chip,
    As a recently retired bartender in Boston, now practicing new media, and I think Cork & Knife is a great concept. I love to go out to nice places to eat and I really appreciate great food and service. I love it so much already passed the C&K link onto some friends, tagged it in and clipped it on Clipmarks! Thanks for the new site!

  2. What people dont realise is that green homes and buildings are not only worth more (resale value) but are creating more reveneu as well. Higher occupancy rates paired with higher rental premiums equals more money in VC’s pockets.

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