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Today’s Links

I’m going to start adding a digest of links to interesting articles and blog posts.  These are things that don’t rise to the level of a full individual post, but which many of you may find interesting and informative nonetheless.  Without further ado, here’s the first installment:

  1. Outsell Now: A $358 Billion Information Industry by 2008

  2. Cymfony’s Marketing Insight: How Marketers Are Using Consumer Generated Content and Online Discussion

  3. Alacra Launches the Alacra Wiki; New Website is a Central, Collaborative Resource About Business Information

  4. New Media Marketer: Classifieds to Drive Local Online Ad Growth to $3.2billion

  5. PR Newswire Launches Hundreds of Categorized RSS Feeds: Financial News – Yahoo! Finance

  6. WSJ Making More Free, While NYT Charges

  7. Micro Persuasion: eBay for Citizen Marketers

  8. Kevin Burton’s Feed Blog: Google is an Expensive VC (20% time)

  9. The eStrategyOne Buzz: Findory Offers Smart Personalized RSS News Reader

  10. TECHNOSIGHT » Noone Group Releases Brandable RSS New Reader

  11. Technology PR – Measurement – Does anyone really care?

  12. Lloyd’s Challenge

  13. VideoEgg Launches

  14. Free 411 service opens up

  15. Married?  Here is a free tip.

  16. Nano Nano, Nano?

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