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Cooking Light Off to a Good Start; Could They Do More?

Church of the Customer has an interesting item pointing out that

Cooking Light magazine has the
right theology: Encourage readers to meet one another via magazine-sponsored "supper

A New York Times article explains how they make money off of the events:

McCormick, as a co-sponsor of the magazine-sponsored supper clubs,
pays an undisclosed fee for its higher level of participation in
addition to advertising in Cooking Light.

Each of the supper
clubs put on by Cooking Light runs about three hours, from premeal
reception to dessert, and costs readers $49 to $59 to attend. There are
also door prizes and goody bags filled with advertiser merchandise and

Now, this is a good start.  But what about enabling reader-organized supper clubs?  By facillitating readers getting together to cook the latest recipes from the magazine, they’d be able to involve a lot more people and really solidify the relationship between those foodies and the magazine.

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