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Free Ad for Slingbox

Got a Slingbox last week.  It allows place-shifting of your TV viewing.  Where TiVO allows for "time-shifting" (you can watch when you want), Slingbox lets you watch where you want.

The net effect for this road warrior is that I can watch Red Sox games from hotel rooms around the country.  Costs $250, you hook it up to a cable jack (or your cable box if you want access to premium channels) and your home network, and you can watch the same TV channels you have in your den.  You can even hook up to a DVD player, a TiVO or other DVR, or anything else that has a similar output.

Pretty cool.  No monthly subscription fees and it only took about 10 minutes to set up.  The picture quality isn’t perfect (it varies based on the speed of your connection at home and wherever you are receiving the video), but it’s certainly serviceable, even in full screen mode.

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