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Technorati Taken to Task for Monitoring Service

This one I just don’t understand.  Tom Foremski  takes Technorati to task over at Silicon Valley Watcher for a pay service that allows corporations to track their coverage in the blogosphere.  He writes: "I was surprised by how aggressive Technorati was in its pitch because
it has a very good standing within the blogging community, a community
that bristles at the thought of others commercializing its work."

Huh?  How would Technorati survive if it didn’t monetize its investment somehow?  Whether it’s advertising on a free site or subscriber fees on a pay site, they have to generate income somehow (that was the lesson of the Internet Bubble, after all).

It’s all the more perplexing because Foremski seems to like Technorati, just not this service. 

(Usual disclosure: I am a co-founder of CustomScoop, a service that tracks blogs, among other things — for pay at that.)

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