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MSN Desktop Search

This weekend I started playing around with the MSN Search Toolbar that also includes Desktop Search.  The Desktop app is very impressive and certainly handy.  It searches emails, including attachments, as well as documents on your hard drive for any search terms you input.

It’s lightning fast and effective.  The search within Outlook feature has always been slow and clunky — this delivers blazing speed that will make me use it more often.  Most of the time with Outlook I found it faster to manually browse through old emails, guessing when the one I was looking for had been sent/received.  Now I’ll just type it in to Desktop Search and get my answer in less than a second.

I haven’t used the rest of the Toolbar yet to know if I’ll be switching back to IE from Firefox, but early returns are promising.  The tabbed browsing still isn’t as clean as Firefox, but it may be enough to get me to leap back.  I’ll let you know in a few days.

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