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The ArnoldBucks Video

The web enables activists to deploy innovative and often humorous campaigns — often efforts that would have been far more difficult and certainly much more costly using traditional methods.

The current economic crisis has stirred frustration and anger among many. One West Coast activist is now taking advantage of new media to drive home his opposition to California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Jerry Roberts of the Santa Barbara Independent explains:

The State of California started paying bills with IOUs this week, so
Rick Jacobs decided to try the same trick in the real world of
convenience stores, vending machines, and cheeseburger drive-thru lanes … Jacobs is a netroots guru who’s the founder and executive director
of Courage Campaign, a Web-based political community boasting 400,000
members that uses online tools to help make California “more
progressive and governable.” Their latest tool is a mini-documentary
showing what happens when your average dork tries to use printed IOUs
called “Arnoldbucks” to carry on the commerce of everyday life when
buying candy, fast food, groceries, and trying to get change from a
stranger on the street.

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Here’s the video:

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