Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

Companies and People Make Mistakes

An excellent post from John Moore at Brand Autopsy reminds us that every company makes mistakes. 

No business is perfect. NONE. Business is a game of progress, not perfection. No business will be perfect. It’s an impossibly unattainable goal. But while that goal is unattainable, the most endearing and enduring businesses seem to always aspire to reach perfection. They always make progressive steps to improve their business and how their business connects with people. Sure, they will stumble along the way. But the true measure of a company is how they recover and forge ahead making progress along the way to overcome their mistakes.

Every company I’ve ever worked for or owned has made mistakes.  I’ve made mistakes personally.  What I always tell employees is that I don’t mind mistakes, as long as they are honest ones.  Typically the only ones that get to me are ones that are repeated.

Make a mistake, make amends, and don’t make the same mistake twice.

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