Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

Are you a writer with a passion for startups?

I’m looking for a few good writer to serve as part-time correspondents for Start Rocket, my new media publication focused on high-tech startups outside of Silicon Valley.  Specifically, I need people in Boston, Chicago, Denver, New York, and Washington to start who are willing to write between 1 and 4 articles each month about startups, entrepreneurs, and VC’s in their regions.  I’m also looking for others to write in specific regions (like Texas, the Southeast and Southwest) so don’t feel left out — unless you are based in the San Francisco area.  I’m trying to offer a fresh perspective on the high-tech startup scene from people in those geographic regions.

You will be paid for every article we publish.  I’m looking for high quality writing from people willing to write original stories. It doesn’t need to be investigative reporting, but I’m also not looking for a story that just refers to what others have already said.  I want news, perspectives, product discussion, profiles, etc. that include original reporting.

If you think you might be interested, email me and let’s see if there might be a good fit here.

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