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The Combo Laptop/Camera Bag I Picked

Lowepro CompuDaypackThanks to all who shared their advice on the right bag to use for my laptop and D-SLR camera/lenses/accessories. I ended up selecting the Lowepro CompuDaypack. I took it with me to Washington, DC this week and it fit all my gear, if a bit snugly, and was able to be stowed under the seat in front of me on the airplane (again, a bit snugly).

Overall, I’m pleased with it so far. It held my Canon EOS 30D, Speedlite, 3 lenses (18-55, 28-200, 50), and various computer and camera accessories. I also managed to fit my MacBook Pro with no difficulties and squeezed in an umbrella, various cables, a small Sony Handycam, and a few other things.

At this point, the bag is at its limits for me, so if I ever end up pulling the trigger to get the 70-200 IS/2.8 Canon L lens I am lusting after, I’ll probably have to get something bigger and live with stowing it in the overhead bin.

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  2. Snug sounds good enough. At least you know where everything is and you won’t have to fish for them blindly inside the bag. Maybe it will loosen up comfortably in time. One great thing about it is that it fits under your airplane seat. Checking bags in can be so traumatizing sometimes.

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