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Looking for Books on Media History

Can anyone suggest any good books for the history of media?  Interested in media generally, as well as specific media (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.). I believe we learn a lot about the future by looking to the past, but have yet to find any really good books in this category.

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  1. Hi Chip,
    My Communication professor from undergrad recommends the following:
    A Social History of the Media: From Gutenberg to the Internet by Asa Briggs & Peter Burke Polity Press (2001) ISBN: 0745623751
    The Institutions of American Democracy: The Press (Institutions of American Democracy Series) by Geneva Overholser & Kathleen Hall Jamieson (Editors). Oxford University Press, USA; (2005) ISBN: 0195309146
    Haunted Media: Electronic Presence from Telegraphy to Television
    (Console-ing Passions Series) by Jeffrey Sconce. Duke University Press (2000). ISBN: 0822325721

  2. Chip
    From Mitch Stephens, professor at the NYU Journalism Department:
    OK, I’ll recommend my own two: “The Rise of the Image, the Fall of the Word,” and “History of News.”
    “A Social History of the Media: From Gutenberg to the Internet” by Peter Burke and Asa Briggs.
    And Irving Fang has been writing on the subject, lately.

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