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Disruptive Dialogue #8 – 05/01/2007

download Disruptive Dialogue podcastThe latest episode of the Disruptive Dialogue podcast is now available.  This one was recorded in Bow, NH and is a bit longer than usual at 38:16.  You can download this podcast as an MP3 or subscribe to the RSS feed to make sure you never miss an episode.


  • 00:34 – Opening & Introduction
  • 02:27 – News Item: Newspaper Circulation
  • 03:48 – News Item: Have We Reached the Peak of Mount Blog?
  • 07:10 – News Item: Dell Rethinking Direct Sales
  • 10:08 – A Look at Vudu’s Movie Download Service
  • 19:16 – Mass Media/Niche Media
  • 24:03 – Phone vs. Email Interviews
  • 29:41 – What’s Happening in Other Podcasts – Ghostblogging/FIR/PRobecast
  • 31:04 – Listener Comments – How Blog Frequency Impacts Influence/Participation
  • 36:15 – Wrap-up and Announcement of PRSA Yankee Chapter Social Media Skills Workshop with me and Doug Haslam of Topaz Partners

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One Comment

  1. Do they teach about blogs and/or blogging in grade school or high-school yet? They will soon and that should increase blogosphere participation. As this generation grows and becomes involved in
    Web 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, and so on……it seems logical the blogosphere would grow as well, resulting in a future with many more than 15 million blogs…this is no peak….but a hill on the way to the peak of Mount Blog.
    As movers and shakers take blogging more seriously like this article predicts….
    This should also create a “blog market” that more people would want to get involved with and theoretically cause blog growth.
    A VC writes that he is not so sure blogging growth has stalled especially if you count “twittering, facebooking, flickring, yelping and the like.”
    He also brings up a good point in the 10 to 1 rule…..for every 10 readers, you have on content creator….so 15 million blogs = 150 million readers….no small number by any means.
    As an X-box 360 owner who streams content from my desktop, I can say with experience, it is a pain. Often download times are ridiculous. Pricing is not a “deal” and I have personally had small issues arise from the actual connection between PC, X-box, and television (it’s the small things that drive users crazy).
    The success of Vudu will depend mainly on the pricing I believe. Is it a better option than netlfix/blockbuster online? Is it better than services like Comcast On-Demand? Does Vudu charge for the box? Charge per movie? Charge for both? Monthly fee?
    Anyone who has paid for a plasma/lcd television will want to watch their movies on that device…plain and simple….so Vudu has the right idea here.
    Another huge make or break for Vudu is the quality of the picture they provide. People who like movies paid a lot for their HD televisions in most cases. They expect the quality to be as good or almost as good as their television can display or it is “two steps forward…one step back.”

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