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eJamming as a Tool for Podcasters?

I got a note this week that one of the companies I wrote about from the DEMO conference has launched has opened up for a free public beta.  Now, this isn’t the sort of product that would interest me since my interest in music is slim and I haven’t played an instrument since guitar in my high school music class (and that was scary, let me tell you).  And obviously readers don’t come here to hear me talk about music and bands and such. 

But as I thought about this company, eJamming, it dawned on me that there was something that it might be used for beyond its intended purpose.  The site is designed to facilitate remote jamming sessions for musicians where up to 4 performers are in different geographic locations.  They claim to be able to create high-quality streams that are perfectly synchronized over broadband connections. 

It certainly seemed like a neat idea, but not that appealing to me — until it occurred to me that it might be used to enable co-located podcasting without the hiccups often associated with Skype and potentially with sound quality on par with podcasters in the same room on high-quality mics. 

So I asked the company if that was a potential use, and they agreed that it was.  Now, I haven’t tried it myself, but any podcasters in the audience who do co-located podcasting now using Skype or something else may be interested in trying out this approach.

If you do, let me know how it works out.

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