Most of you know that I travel a lot. When I’m on the road I carry my laptop and various gadgets, but in the new year I want to do a better job of bringing my digital SLR along with me for photographs because I get such better quality out of that than any of the smaller cameras I usually tote along.  (Yes, truth by told I just don’t like having the little camera when I sit next to the Big Ones held by guys like David Parmet and Josh Hallett).

The problem is my laptop bag doesn’t hold the D-SLR well, so I need something better.  Key requirements are that it must be able to hold my MacBook Pro (15") along with my Canon EOS 30D with a 70-200 lens and a spare lens or two.  Of course, it needs to be suitable for airline carryon since I find myself in an airport most weeks of the year.

Any suggestions?