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Printing Blog Posts

There are times where I wish it was easier to print blog posts.  Just as the mainstream media found as they came online that they needed to make it convenient for readers to email and print stories, why isn’t it easier to do so with blog posts? 

Feedburner has a widget that makes emailing relatively simple, but I have yet to find an option to convert blog posts to a printer-friendly format.  While most blog posts are short and easy to read and digest on-screen, I’m still old school enough that I like to print out longer ones or ones that I want to “chew on” a little bit. 

For instance, when Shel Israel posts excerpts from Global Neighbourhoods for review and comment, that would be a perfect candidate for printing.  Or Philip Liu’s “101 Great Posting Ideas.”  Or Stan Schroeder’s “Big Memetracker Roundup.”

Since all this stuff is available as a feed anyway, it would be great for Typepad, WordPress, and the other platforms to make it an easily available link.  And Feedburner should make it part of its “FeedFlare” since so many folks use that. 

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