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Demo 2007

I am writing this on a plane headed to Demo 2007, being held in California this year.  For those of you interested in the latest offerings from cutting edge companies, stay tuned to this space in coming days for the same sort of coverage that I have offered in the past.  I’ll try to make sure I share a good sense of what I’m seeing and what I find especially interesting.

I find Demo to be the most valuable conference I attend.  Over the past few years it is really the only conference that consistently finds a home on my schedule, and I have attended both the fall and winter editions.  Unlike so many other conferences, Demo does not submit attendees to a long list of tedious panels and speakers.  (Though they usually do have one or two of these, and I must confess that I have found them to be almost uniformly disappointing — with the exception of the panel at the closing dinner which can be quite entertaining since you have a roster of tech journalists chatting after many have consumed some decent wine.)

I usually leave these conferences energized and full of ideas to bring home to the team at CustomScoop and with better insight about potential future investments for the angel group I lead.  And, of course, it helps me figure out which services and gadgets I just won’t be able to live without.

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