Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

DEMOfall Minis (Day 2)

 Here’s what caught my attention at Day 2 of DEMOfall 05:


  • EasyReach – a service to make documents available to you easily no matter whether you’re using your desktop, laptop or PDA
  • Destinator – enables GPS phones to turn search results into spoken map directions to help you drive somewhere
  • TalkPlus – a cell phone VoIP service which offers features like 10 way conference calls, low rates, and most interesting to me the ability to effectively assign multiple numbers to the same cell phone and outbound caller ID will match the number you choose to use.  This allows users to have a cell phone number for business and personal calls on the same handset.
  • FatLens – a shopping search aggregator that does a nice job of integrating results from multiple sources
  • SimplyHired – a job search engine.  It seems to differentiate itself from the competition through an elegant user interface that allows job seekers to customize and conduct their search effort.
  • SquareTrade Sidebar – a comparison shopping tool.  Monitors your surfing to bring up alternative sites and cheaper prices from other e-commerce sites, eBay and Craig’s List.
  • and 1-800-FREE-411 – Rather than paying $1 to $4 per 411 call, the idea is to call this free service.  They make money by playing a 10 second ad before giving you the phone number.  And when you have it connect you to the number you’re looking for (or the ad) the answering party here’s a quick (“Here’s a call from 1-800-FREE-411”) in a Hotmail style viral marketing campaign that can be used to solicit new advertisers or users.  This may be the most powerful business idea I’ve seen here since directory assistance is something like an $8 billion market – even a small piece is good money.


Others may jump out at me as I review my notes and dig deeper on some – watch for more later this week when I get back from the Left Coast.

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