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New CNN Show to Incorporate Blogs, Podcasts

CNN’s replacement for the venerable Inside Politics will include a tip of the hat to the online world, with podcasts and blogs part of the coverage.  Let’s just hope they incorporate it in a less cheesy way than the current IP blog segment.  CNN reports on its own format change:

"The Situation Room" will be organized in three one-hour blocks: the first will focus on political news, the second on security issues and the third on world and international news. Blitzer will convene teams of CNN correspondents and experts to offer up-to-the-minute reporting on everything going on in the world.

" ‘The Situation Room’ becomes a showcase for CNN’s unparalleled, world-wide newsgathering operations," Klein said. "There will be no better place to monitor developments than in ‘The Situation Room,’ whose studio has been expressly designed to incorporate traditional reporting methods with the most innovative online resources, such as blogs, Web sites and podcasts."

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