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PRSA MegaTech Day Recap

PRSA New York’s MegaTech Day went well.  The first panel included BL Ochman, Steve Rubel, Steve Lubetkin, and  Emiliano DeLaurentis.  They discussed blogging, podcasting, RSS, and more.  This and the concluding panel with 7 technology journalists from Forbes, Fortune, Business Week, the New York Times, and others seemed to be the most popular with attendees.  Both sessions provided concrete advice on dealing with new and traditional media venues. I especially liked Steve Rubel’s description of RSS: "It’s like TiVO for the web."  (I may have to borrow that for a talk I’m giving on RSS at a conference next week.)

UPDATE FROM Constantin Basturea: "RSS is the TiVo of the Web" is, in fact, something that Sean Bonner said back in 2003.

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