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Social Security Debate Energizing Younger Americans

The Center for Media Research said in their email briefing today that there’s evidence that more young people are interested in Social Security in the wake of the ongoing debate over how to strengthen the system for the future.  CMR wrote:

President Bush’s campaign for social security reform has moved the debate to
center stage. There is evidence that young adults are taking more of an interest
than ever before. According to Hitwise, young adults are the fastest growing
audience segment to the official government Web site for the Social Security

The share of young adults age 18-24 to the site increased 104 percent when
comparing the four weeks ending March 5, 2005 versus the same week a year-ago.
The second fastest growing segment to the Social Security Administration’s Web
site is 25-34 year-olds. Their share of audience increased 59 percent (four
weeks ending March 5, 2005 versus four weeks ending  March 6, 2004).

Bill Tancer, vice president of research, Hitwise, says “The Social Security
Administration’s Web site historically has appealed to seniors, but now young
adults age 18 to 34 comprise a full 31 percent of the site’s total audience.”

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