Closing a chapter…

A little over 3 years ago, I sold CustomScoop to CARMA. That closed a 15-year chapter that began in 2000 when I co-founded one of the first online media monitoring services, but opened a whole new one with the acquiring company.

Today, I’m marking the end of that chapter and will soon begin another new one. After a post-M&A journey that included consulting, serving as North American CEO, and eventually becoming Global COO, it is now time for me to return to my entrepreneurial roots.

I have learned a lot in my time with CARMA and made many new friends. After spending most of my career in a US-focused environment, the exposure I have gotten to the world of international business with 500+ employees spread across the globe has been eye-opening.

CARMA’s talented and experienced team will go on delivering meaningful insights to clients, and I will continue to be engaged as a part-time consultant, offering my advice and support. CARMA’s combination of innovative technology with human expertise provides a compelling media monitoring and analysis solution for enterprises of all sizes.

In the coming days, I will be launching a new venture, so be sure to follow this space for that announcement. I will also continue to operate my other companies that provide digital marketing and content creation services, Franeo and Harbor Light Writers Group.

But for now I want to focus on thanking the colleagues and clients I have had the good fortune to work with over the last 3 years. There are exciting announcements on the way from CARMA, and I know you are in good hands.

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