Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

Looking to the Future of Digital Public Affairs

Earlier this year, we provided our clients at DCI Group with a white paper I wrote to forecast trends in digital public affairs for the next 12-18 months. We recently decided to make it available publicly, and you can download your own copy of the document for free at the DCI Digital web site.

Like most forecasts, it’s likely not to be completely correct. It’s based on my own experience and research and informed by feedback from my colleagues at DCI that they provided after reviewing early drafts. If I could really see into the future, of course, I’d be placing bets in Vegas not writing about it.

In any case, for those of you interested in digital communications, especially as it relates to influencing government decision-making but also in a broader marketing sense, there may well be some nuggets that serve as food for thought.

I expect there will be disagreement over some — perhaps many — of my predictions. There have been plenty of these outlooks published in recent weeks, but this one differs from a lot of those because of its depth and its focus on trends, tools, and techniques used for advocacy purposes.

So go ahead and download a copy today and let me know here what you think. Where did I miss the mark? Where was I spot on? What did I overlook? What do you think the next year or two will bring in the digital public affairs arena?

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