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Anti-Net Neutrality, Anti-Google Interview

Today I interviewed Scott Cleland, a Washington-based analyst who has been following Google for years. He seems to relish being a bit of a contrarian and in the interview he talked about the increasing power of Google and why that’s bad for consumers. He also opposes net neutrality, something that many of you will no doubt disagree with.

Regardless of what you think about his views, the interview is worth a listen. Scott’s a very thoughtful guy and he makes strong arguments — and he isn’t afraid to be out there on his own. Of course, the fact that Fortune magazine cited him as being out in front of the WorldCom scandal a number of years ago makes me listen even more. That failed company’s CEO, Bernie Ebbers, even called him that "idiot Washington analyst."

Check it out and feel free to express your views in the comments over there.

(By the way, this was all for my new online TV and radio talk show "Conversations with Chip Griffin" — I’ll have a post up soon explaining this new venture.)

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