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Intriguing Discussion

As long as we’re talking about USB products, to me the biggest news of the day at DEMOfall is something that I’m not sure how much I can talk about.  I had the opportunity to talk at length with an entrepreneur who has developed a product he claims would offer a once-and-for-all fix for viruses and worms.  Rather than a software based program that requires constant updating, it is a hardware/software solution about the size of an iPod Mini that connects to your USB port and allegedly guards against any attack.

Now, it sounded too good to be true, but I chatted at length with this gentleman and he didn’t seem like the type who drinks his own Kool Aid.  And he said he was seeking third party validation before pushing forward with his product, which seemed like a reasonable approach.

My only complaint – which I shared with him – was that I felt it needed a smaller form factor – more like the USB drives that U3 and Realm Systems demonstrated.   

Unfortunately, this entrepreneur isn’t yet seeking attention.  I’d like to get permission to tell you more about it though because it would be great breakthrough if it works out.  Stay tuned…

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