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Looking for StartRocket Contributors

image As I gear up for the launch of StartRocket on August 1, I’m trying to line up a stable of people who will contribute to the site by writing profiles of startups and covering events.  The pay will be modest, but the exposure and opportunity should help as well.  And, of course, if this takes off like I hope it will, then the pay will be better, the opportunities will improve, and who knows — maybe it will even become a real company with stock options and everything!

If you’re based East of the Rockies, have an interest in web entrepreneurship, and are handy with the pen or video camera, drop me a note and we can connect about your interests and how you might be able to contribute.  I’m most interested in steady contributors, but if you’re only able to do an occasional contribution, feel free to shoot me your idea as well.

Be sure to let me know how you are interested in contributing, why you are interested, and point me to some links of previous blogging or videos for me to take a look.  My email address is [email protected].

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