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Another Good Use of Video

I’ve been pretty focused on the multimedia potential of social media lately, and so you’ll have to forgive me for my second post today touting the value of online video in communicating a message.

In this case, I’m talking about Walt Mossberg’s practice of recording a video with content similar to his weekly column in the Wall Street Journal.  This week he reviewed the Nokia N800 Internet Tablet.  In writing, you got a decent sense about the product and its strengths and weaknesses.

But as he told virtually the same story in video and could hold up the device and point to it as he was making his case, it was an entirely different experience. 

I continue to believe that most people won’t watch a lot of video online, but it still has potential when used in meaningful applications.

(If you are reading this feed and don’t see the video, click through to read the post on the Pardon the Disruption web site and view it there.)

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