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Latest InterAdvocacy Online Reading List

Stuff worth checking out:

  • "Chris Heuer is the project lead: Signups for the new media press release (really!)" (Tom Foremski) – more on the effort to update the press release for the new media age.  Something worth following.
  • "Blogs, Politics and Public Relations" (Beltway Blogroll) – campaigns in the new media age
  • "GOP Superiority in Political Technology" (Beltway Blogroll) – the DailyKos take on how Republicans understand better how to use tech for politics, despite the blogosphere’s alleged left-wing leanings
  • "Breaking Down the Facebook-Interpublic Ad-Equity Deal" ( – I haven’t had time to cover this as I had hoped, so I’m finally getting around to passing along the link to readers who may have missed this story and what it means

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