Chip Shots by Chip Griffin


An action packed day today at the WOMBAT conference.  The highlight was probably the keynote by Naked Conversations authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel.  This wasn’t your usual high-tech group, so there were quite a few who knew of neither and by show of hands a majority seemed to not know that Scoble had decided to leave Microsoft.  Unlikely to see that response over at Supernova, I suspect.

Shel is a great storyteller and he did so with aplomb.  Scoble has great stories, too, though he rambled a bit — and Shel at one point told him to stop talking so they could stay on schedule and engage the audience in a conversation.  True to form, Scoble launched into another anecdote as time was expiring and everyone chuckled.

I think they did a nice job of bringing home the power of the blogosphere to the audience — less with facts and figures as other panelists did, but more through the power of a story. 

Apart from the Naked Conversations keynote, most of the day was devoted to breakout sessions, so I only saw a small fraction of everything that went on.  (And I confess to skipping the lunch keynote as well as the first afternoon breakout session in order to catch half of the Giants-Angels game.)

TiVo gave a good explanation of their Brand Ambassador contest.  (Though the most entertaining bit was that the guy who won turns out to be camera shy during live TV intereviews — so they’ve had to cut back on using him for that.  He does apparently do well in conferences and other live events, just not with the red light glowing on the camera in front of him.)  And Fleishman Hillard and Clorox did a nice job of explaining their grassroots marketing campaign for Glad Press ‘n Seal wrap.

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