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Techdirt Claims Solution to Information Overload

A new product from Techdirt claims it will help alleviate the problem of "too much information" that so many of us experience.  It is targeted at the corporate market and blends technology with human analysis.  I especially liked the first sentence of the description posted in their blog:

The new service, Techdirt InfoAdvisor, takes the concept of a financial advisor and applies it to corporate information needs. Techdirt’s analysts not only craft a custom internal blog of important information and analysis, but also create a special portfolio of information within our own platform to meet the different needs of people throughout the company — because despite what some people claim, following online conversations is hard work. Our analyst team works with customers to understand their information needs — and then crafts a custom portfolio of information made up of chosen feeds, filtered feeds, created feeds and even full websites, directly within the platform to make them easy to view and read on a regular basis, without getting overwhelmed. We put those sources into context for the user — assigning them to folders, and even adding descriptions about the sources and the authors, and how it relates to the user specifically (ex. a blog written by someone who works at a competitor — it’s useful to know that info to understand the blog’s viewpoint).

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