Chip Shots for July 16, 2017: AI, Measurement, and Leadership

After a long hiatus, I’m bringing back my personal weekly newsletter. With the communications world increasingly focused on digital and data, it seems only appropriate for me to weigh in regularly on these topics since they have been the cornerstones of much of my career.

My goal will be to deliver meaningful insights. I’ll curate no more than 10 articles per week to ensure it keeps the focus on the most valuable nuggets for anyone in PR, public affairs, or content marketing.

It has been a busy weekend here in New Hampshire as I managed to squeeze in my first 7-mile run in 3+ years — while also umpiring what turned out to be a never-ending summer wooden bat league doubleheader.

Of course, I welcome your feedback.


  • Are the big boys of tech sitting on an almost impossible advantage when it comes to AI and machine learning? From a new Wired article: “Showing that more data can equal more performance out even at huge scale suggests that there could be even greater benefits to being a data-rich tech giant like Google, Facebook, or Microsoft than previously realized.”


  • How are you measuring the success of your digital advocacy programs? Michael Kondratick makes a good argument for including “cost per personalized action” in the mix.


  • Are you using retargeting as part of your digital communications program? If not, why not? Get the basics from Christopher Penn right here.
  • For more than a decade, we have heard about the promised of podcasts as a medium. I’m pretty sure I finally saw that proof a couple of weeks ago when my decidedly non-techie neighbor started talking about the podcasts she listens to. Now comes news that podcast network Panoply will be working with Nielsen data to offer targeted ads.
  • In a move I have advocated for years, some media outlets seem poised to reduce the quantity of their online ad spots. This isn’t just a question of reducing clutter, it’s also about better targeting the audience and delivering something of greater value to both the reader and the advertiser.


  • There’s a renewed focus in the public relations community on trying to discourage the use of Advertising Value Equivalent as a communications metric. My pal Gini Dietrich argues that the “death of AVE’s” may actually be imminent this time, though.
  • How do you figure out what decisions to delegate? Here’s a great matrix from Matt Blumberg to help you avoid micromanaging and grow your team’s abilities.
  • If you really want a data-driven culture, you need to build a team that lives and breathes that concept. InformationWeek explores just what that means.

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