Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

Startup Advice from Entrepreneurs, Investors, and More


David Cohen and Brad Feld assembled a nice collection of anecdotes and advice for entrepreneurs with Do More Faster. Based on learnings from their TechStars program and the experience of a large collection of entrepreneurs, investors, lawyers, and others, this book offers up plenty of nuggets that anyone in the startup community will relate to and learn from.

The book consists of a series of essays, organized thematically and augmented by additional commentary from David and Brad. The upside of this format is that it brings a variety of experiences to the table. Unfortunately, the downside to this approach is that it leads to a bit of redundancy and sometimes conflicting advice.

Nevertheless, Do More Faster makes for great reading for anyone starting or running young businesses, especially in the online marketplace. Even with more than a half dozen companies under my belt, I found plenty of food for thought here.

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