Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

What’s the Next Big Thing?

I am amused by how often someone asks me what the next big thing will be in the Internet space. What’s the next Twitter or Facebook, they may inquire.

First, anyone who says they know is flat wrong. Even the Twitter guys didn’t know what they were sitting on when they created the service.

But, second, if I knew with certainty what the Next Big Thing was I’d actually be doing it.

It’s sort of like people who ask for stock tips. Anyone who tells you that some stock is a great investment better already own a good chunk otherwise you have to wonder why not. Of course, if they do own it, then you can’t trust them either because they may just be promoting the stock to help their own investment!

Bottom line? We can all sit around, read the tea leaves, and talk about it. (Certainly I do enough of that in this space from time to time myself.) But that’s about all we’re doing.

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