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Building Obama’s Presidential Grassroots Organization

Usually when a presidential election concludes, the campaign goes dormant for a few years while much of the party-building and other grassroots activities switches to the national party committee and state and local campaigns. Not the Obama campaign. They have decided — probably wisely — to try to continue to harness the energy of its supporters by converting the campaign organization into a grassroots policy group.

Hence, “Organizing for America” was born. Details have been sketchy, but they are beginning to emerge.

Micah Sifry of the Personal Democracy Forum taps his resources to get a report from the group’s first major conference call with supporters. Interestingly, the focus seemed to be on offline organizing methods — specifically the house party. The Internet appears to play a supporting role as the infrastructure and communications medium, but the guts of their drive is face-to-face supporter meetings.

(read the complete report of the conference call here)

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