Chip Shots by Chip Griffin

Reading from a Marketing Fire Hose

A few weeks ago Todd And released the "Power 150" — 150 top marketing blogs, as determined by a formula that combined several measures, including Google PageRank, Technorati Links, Bloglines subscribers, and Todd And’s own subjective rating.  I didn’t quite make the 150 list — just eked out position number 173 to make the "near miss" list (that goes all the way to … 175).

Alas, it’s still a great list.  But what makes it even better is that there is now a "river of news" feed available for the list that enables you to subscribe to all the posts from all 175 blogs.  That’s a great resource for discovering content you might otherwise overlook.

I’ve added it to my feed reader and have already found a number of interesting posts.

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