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Best of Demo 07

Below are my picks for Best of Demo 07, for what it is worth.  These are my own personal judgments based on what I liked, what I thought had good business potential, or what just struck me as cool.  It will be interesting to see how much — if any — overlap there is with the official DemoGod Awards (past experience suggests it will be very different).

Best Peer to Peer Service:

Best Product Competing With the Big Boys:

Best Information Intelligence Product: ZoomInfo PowerSearch

Best Video Product:

Best Security Product:  Alcatel-Lucent Mobile Endpoint Management System

Product I’m Most Likely to Use: Iwerx Sentinel

Product Most Likely to Change the Lives of Average Consumers: ZINK Digital Imaging

Coolest Demo: Total Immersion D’Fusion

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Shel Israel, a veteran of Demo and similar conferences, offered up his list of DemoGods on his blog.

Official DemoGod awards went to Dart Devices, Boston Power, Total Immersion, Inelex, Pair Up, Blinkx, Panjea, eJamming, Qtech, and the Kauffman Foundation iBridge

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